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Legal Notifications

1.1 Legal Notifications of PeterJockisch.com

These are the legal notifications of the website PeterJockisch.com, of the freelance author, domain owner and admin-c Peter Jockisch. Address: Peter Jockisch, Habsburgerstraße 11, 79104 Freiburg i.Br., Germany. In case of queries, please send your message in written form via e-mail to webmaster​@​peter​jockisch​.com (privacy statement, imprint).

1.2 Offered Content

PeterJockisch.com offers descriptions and update notifications on the books and e-books of Pe­ter Jockisch.

1.3 No contract conclusions on Pe­terJockisch.com

PeterJockisch.com is a pure book accompanying information site. No products nor services are offered, there are no contract conclusions.