Chapter 5 (historical*)
Inner Levels of Communication
and Reality Structures (Preliminary Excerpt)

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5.1 Introduction: Holistic Perspectives presented in Feature Films

Inner reality structures, the foundations of any physical reality, have been thematized in texts and films for many decades.The (re)awareness around the inner origins and abilities is the next developmental step of man, which will immeasurably promote the unfolding of his

potential. The feature films presented here contain con­cepts that are also comprehensively described in the Seth ma­terial by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts.

5.1.1 The Probability System

“The Road Less Traveled”, The Twilight Zone, 1986, 23 minutes, WP article.

Life paths are shaped by decisions. Sometimes two pos­sible paths are equally energetically charged. In such and other moments, new probability lines and new “siblings”/versions of one's self emerge, which are just as self-reflective and truly live their lives. New probable offshoots are born continuously, at all times as well as in all directions toward (future, present, past) and also laterally (probabilities). There is an all-embracing feed­back, a powerful information exchange is given, where­by permanently new probable offshoots are born, similar to a green lily which stretches out its offshoots in all di­rec­tions.

In “The Road Less Traveled” (1986), a teach­er who fled to Cana­da in young adult­hood to escape being drafted into the war in Vietnam ex­peri­ences more and more break­throughs from one of his probable selves. Eventually, this one pays him a visit. Link to the Youtube version.

5.1.2 Simultaneous, parallel Incarnations

The physical system is a learning system. Our in­car­na­tions take place at the same time, i.e. parallel, only the per­cep­tion takes place, superficially seen, linear time-wise, in apparently successive moments. According to the Seth material, in every physical life one meets peo­ple already known from previous incarnations as well as new people; furthermore, there are also encounters, ac­quaint­ances, friendships and partnerships that occur ex­clu­sive­ly on inner levels of reality.

A 24-minute masterpiece from 1961: “Nightmare” (YT-Ver­sion), on Dailymotion. A young painter repeatedly has inexplicable visions of a woman unknown to him, ad­dresses his partner by another name. When the break­throughs become larger and larger, he goes, fol­low­ing inner inspirations together with his partner, to the Eng­lish coast to Cornwall.

“I've lived before”, 1956, 81 minutes (WP article). After an encounter with a female passenger, pilot John Bolan is overcome by overwhelming information break­throughs from another life while still in flight. Suddenly he sees himself in an air war, surrounded by fighter pi­lots; only at the last moment does his co-pilot manage to save him from a crash landing. Bolan decides to get to the bottom of the information he perceived from within and investigate who he was.

“A Dog's Purpose”, 2017 film adaption, (WP article). A con­scious­ness that has chosen to incarnate in the body of a dog goes in search of its first owner, Ethan, in the course of its physical lives.

After reaching this milestone, it takes a while for Ethan to finally realize who is standing in front of him. In the second part, he and Bailey then pursue a common mission, they help a family member, across incarnations. After Ethan's death, Ethan and Bailey meet again in the afterlife.

In the Seth material („Seth Speaks“) it is said that the [I-]consciousness development of animals is im­meas­ur­ably accelerated by people friendly to them. While every hu­man being has a subconsciousness (translator con­scious­ness) as well as an inner self (classically: guardian an­gel) as assistance, animals are said to belong to a group soul: The siblings or the litter are connected to­geth­er with their higher instance, the group soul; see also the in­for­ma­tion of Rudolf Steiner (article 1, article 2, article 3). Of course, there are also cross-incarnation lasting friend­ships between animals and humans. In the Seth ma­terial the rebirth of a former dog of Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, Micha, is mentioned.

Animals may not (yet) have developed an I-consciousness like us, the recommendations of their instinct are still more binding for them, whereas we can heed or reject inner impulses. However, the scope of their decision-making is significant and of course they also think complex thoughts, though not about thinking itself. According to Seth, there is no specific cat consciousness, but simply a consciousness that wants to have the experiences of a cat. With increasing development of consciousness, with in­creas­ing com­plex­ity of consciousness, changes of genus are sup­posed to become possible.

5.1.3 Counterparts and Complementary Aspects


5.1.4 Awaken Consciousness Frequency Changes and Out-of-Body Projections

The perception of the inner levels of reality is highly in­di­vid­ual: There is no universal dream sym­bol­ism. Every­one is encouraged to explore his dream sym­bo­lism, to find out what facts his symbols represent. The in­ner instances can be asked for help in de­ci­phering.

The long-term goal is the greatest possible undistorted communication and perception at the inner level. Chan­nels of information can become intermingled. The more practiced consciousness focusing and interpretation is, the more distortion-free and authentic are the results. (Wak­ing conscious) activities on the inner level, called “dreams”, are also called dual-hybrid constructions in the Seth material, because a translation, a synthesis of sy­mbols of the inner and the outer world takes place.

The symbolic appearance of a certain person can be in­ter­pret­ed in different ways: It may stand for a certain qual­ity or (behavioral) characteristic or symbolize, rep­re­sent a theme. It may also spring from a separate prob­abil­ity line. Or it may actually be the person himself who sends a message or is present. Beside further ex­pla­na­tion models there are also on the inner level dis­in­for­ma­tion agents, this system is a learning system and as such players and antagonists act, some pretend to be per­sons they are not, regarding their outer shape. How­ever, the communication between physically incarnated and physically deceased, on friendship or kinship level, is usually clearly recognized as such. One always re­mem­bers the very own inner assistance, the sub­con­scious and the inner self (classically: guardian angel), both are always helpful in the exploration of inner re­a­li­ties. Both are waiting to be actively addressed, to re­ceive instructions and, through an initial, systematic con­tact cultivation on the part of the I-consciousness, to raise it to a higher (perception) level for a maximum de­vel­op­ment of abilities in all areas of life.

Just as there are dif­fer­ent landscapes, there are also different inner levels of reality. With a classical analog ra­dio, the corresponding frequency is set via the station control. Through practice, one is enabled in the long run to tune in to inner levels of reality at any time, to choose the appropriate frequency or focus of con­scious­ness.

In the present, post-materialistic transitional age, the ma­jor­ity does not yet perceive the change of frequency of consciousness in a waking consciousness. They change unconsciously from physical perception to inner realities. Paraphrased: They walk somnambulistically (sleep­walk­ing) with closed eyes towards a door, open it. Then they wake up, they are on inner levels, arrange there fundamentally the next day, get information, make out-of-body journeys, meet other people and so on. The later refocusing on the physical frequency of con­scious­ness occurs just as unconsciously, they walk again som-

nam­bu­listically and with closed eyes towards an exit door, close it unconsciously behind them and wake up again in the physical: “What I dreamed again!”.

Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz knew about con­scious­ness frequency changes and out-of-body pro­jec­tions. In the classic movie “Snoopy come Home”, 1972 (WP article), he visualizes one of the countless practical ap­pli­ca­tions.

Lila, Snoopy's former owner, is seriously ill and asks him in writing for assistance and help. Together with his friend Wood­stock, Snoopy embarks on an adventurous journey, dur­ing which they both soon discover that they are ex­cluded from public transportation and have to hike.

In one of the film's most symbolic scenes, they spend the night at a crossroads, an intersection between the outer and inner worlds, where a mystical migrating flock of geese in formation flight passes the full moon scene.

Schulz exemplarily illustrates the still prevailing un­con­scious out-of-body projections or journeys: Snoopy and Wood­stock emerge from their resting bodies, float up­ward, with sleepy expressions on their faces. Then they set off to explore the terrain ahead of them.

They look for a practical solution for the coming day, they go out of body into the forest and look for the suitable hik­ing route. With this information, obtained during the sleep state, they then manage to find the way to Li­la the next day.

The spatial-geometric perception during such out-of-body pro­jec­tions may correspond 1:1 to the physical sense per­cep­tion, or it may be extended symbolically: Places, streets and squares may appear wider and much larger, sym­bol­izing the holistic inner vastness; dream symbolism is always highly individual. In the Seth material it is stated that one looks out of the window of a room, for example, and perceives superimposed how the scenery of this lo­cal­ity presents itself in the different ages.

Such projections also take place during the day, during nor­mal (professional) everyday life, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The American original (80 min­utes) can be watched in two parts on Daily​mo​ti​on (part 01, part 02). Here, in “Snoopy Come Home Movie Part 2 of 2“, as an entry point the ar­ri­val at the railroad under­pass (minute 06:24) and the direct jump to the out-of-body projection (minute 08).

5.1.5 Parents and Children: The Prenatal Contact

Children and parents seek each other out, birth is pre­ceded by an extensive period of getting to know each oth­er before entry into the physical system can occur.

Now the entering consciousness, which is looking for a suit­able environment, already has a prehistory and is char­ac­ter­ized by characteristic traits, also a basic life plan with main focus interests as well as envisaged mile­stones, including appointments, is already present.

That is why the meanings of people's names so often have an actual relation to their nature: The parents al­ready know many char­acter traits of their future child, through previous communication on an inner level. This is very often taken into account in the naming. Also the out­er, physical image already stands out, is already vis­ible on the inner level.

Central information on this complex of topics can also be found in the German-language lec­ture „Spi­ri­tu­a­li­tät und Se­xu­a­li­tät“ (Spir­itu­al­ity and Sexuality) by Wolf­gang Wie­der­gut (video, 54 min­utes).

In “Little Boy Lost” “The Twilight Zone” 1985, 20 minutes, on Youtube (WP article), a consciousness searches for a suitable entry point into physical reality, it shows up in the outside world and initially contacts a woman it deems suitable as a moth­er (Google search).

5.1.6 The Simultaneity of all Time

Time travel movies illustrate the simultaneity of all time, where by no means only one event line exists, but per­ma­nent­ly new probability lines, new probability de­riva­tives emerge, at any point in time and especially in re­ac­tion to the all-encompassing information exchange bet­ween past, present and future selves.

The 1960 film adaptation: “The Time Machine” (WP ar­ti­cle), excerpt: “The Time Machine (1960) Testing The Time Ma­chine”

„Back to the Future“ (“BTTF 1955 Hill Valley Mr. Sand­man”). Marty McFly is stunned to discover that he has been transported out of 1985 into a probable version of his home village, 1955.

5.2 The Seth Material


5.3 Levels of Consciousness Organization, Structures of Consciousness Entities

For every human being a basic framework for his life was already created before birth, by his inner self (guard­ian angel). Even before the physical entry, en­vis­aged goals and milestones as well as long-term “ap­point­ments” were planned. Although freedom of ar­range­ment prevails and plans can be changed at any time, there are nevertheless superordinate individual (life) topics and even something like consciousness fam­ilies. In some cases the initial starting environment as well as events have a formative effect and tune in to cer­tain main themes, whereby the personalities are ini­tial­ly familiarized with their very own goals and get the nec­es­sary motivation or the urge to question more deep­ly.

The meaning of life consists in the maximum de­vel­op­ment of one's own abilities, one's own potential. In the long run, it must be recognized that the physical shaping of events is preceded by spiritual thoughts, that not only ex­ter­nal activities and endeavors, but especially also spir­itu­al energies are involved in the shaping of reality. Their directed use must be learned and cultivated.

On the one hand, the experience in the physical system serves the individual development and maturation of con­scious­ness (as a place of learning). On the other

hand the physical earth serves as a place to try out theo­reti­cal ideas and concepts, we generate new knowledge and insights for the inner world, because ideas have to be explored practically.[*]

Everyone has access to powerful inner instances, to the sub­con­scious and to the inner self (classical term: guard­ian angel). Contact cultivation with both is one of the most cen­tral developmental steps in the reincarnation cycle of every human being.

[*] Further channels and pages on the basics of inner and out­er reality, among others.: Audio books of Seth and Jane Roberts (You­tube channel of Tim Hart Hart) • The Af­terdeath Jour­nal of an Ameri­can Phi­loso­pher [William James] • Book „DO IT! Let’s Get Off Our Buts“ (PDF), Peter McWilliams, • Biology according to Hamer • Website of John de Nugent: • German Websites: You­tube-Ka­nal von Axel Bur­kart • You­tube-Ka­nal von Ale­xan­der Wa­gandt • Fil­me von Wolf­gang Wie­der­gut, auf You­tube • Hör­buch „Die Macht Ih­res Un­ter­be­wußt­seins“, von Jo­seph Mur­phy (wei­te­re deutsch­spra­chi­ge Jo­seph-Mur­phy-Hör­bü­cher auf You­tube, drei eng­li­sche Vor­trä­ge mit Live-Über­set­zung) •

5.3.1 I-Consciousness ⇄ “Subconscious” Mind ⇆ Inner Self (Guardian Angel)


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