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Auf1.tv: Daily Newscast

Program contents are listed completely in the description • Inter­views, extra reports and a huge video archive • AUF1.tv front page (contains newsletter subscription win­dow) • Programs by category • Video category (with search func­tion)  • Example broadcasts: Interview with Dr. Gerd Reuthers (03/27/2022)

National Journal: Weekly Political Analyses

“World events decoded.” – The classic among news maga­zines, also present on the Internet since the 1990s, with comprehensive, holistic analyses.

The Na­ti­o­nal Jour­nal is one of the most widely read Ger­man-language publications, but it is rarely referenced pub­lic­ly because it names not only talking heads and pup­pets but also string-pullers and background powers and questions central cornerstones of the historical nar­ra­tive of the Allied occupation forces, all from a holistic spir­itu­al perspective.

  • “Schlagzeilen”-front page::
  • Title page NJ, search window top right:
  • Video channels: World+View+News
Bewusst aktuell and Bewusst.tv

Weekly newsmagazine Bewusst.tv • Inner reality struc­tures and holistic communication • Suppressed health knowl­edge (e.g. medicine/biology according to Hamer • Blocked, future-oriented technologies (e.g. free energy sys­tems) • Viewing the struggle for freedom and world events from a holistic spiritual perspective • Suppressed his­to­ry • High-profile interviews, huge video archive

Rubric will be expanded, a.o.:
KOPP Report, n8​waech​ter.net unser-mitteleuropa.com, kla.tv, Preu​ss​i​s​che Allgemeine, report24.news, Wie​den​roth-​Ka​ri​ka​tur.

Youtube channels of individuals, holistic analyses: Ale­xan­der Wa­gandt „Sat­Chit­A­nan­daORG Schwei­zer Verein“ (Ti­tel­sei­te), Vi­de­os­ei­te; Axel Bur­kart (Ti­tel­sei­te), Vi­de­o­sei­te. Brigh­te­on channel of „Sa­van­nah No­bel“.

You­tube play­list „Ok­kul­te Sym­bo­lik in Po­li­tik und Welt­ge­sche­hen“, the first short film (7 minutes) explains most central power-political symbols.

Illustrative examples on the spiritual perspective can be found on this language learning site in Chapter 5: “Inner Levels of Communication and Reality Structures”.

Health and vaccination criticism: The You­tube play­list “Impf­kri­tik”, contains standard works of German-language vaccination criticism. Netz­sei­te „Dr. Med. Ryke Gerd Ha­mer[,] Ger­ma­ni­sche Heil­kunde“ „jackyfive“, Bit­chute-Ka­nal mit zahl­rei­chen Vi­de­os zur Bi­o­lo­gie nach Ha­mer Vi­de­o­ka­nal „Pro­jekt Im­ma­nu­el“ Ar­ti­kel von Dr. Stefan Lan­ka, klar und ein­deu­tig ge­gen die Vi­rus- und Impf­the­o­rie und ge­gen das Imp­fen po­si­ti­o­niert, je­doch mit Nach­druck auf ar­gu­men­ta­ti­ve Rich­tig­stel­lun­gen bei der Be­grün­dung so­wie mit par­tiel­len Ent­war­nun­gen: „Ge­fähr­li­che Be­haup­tun­gen [...], Co­ro­na­fak­ten auf Te­le­gram, 02. Ju­ni 2022.“ rotekartefürcorona.de

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