Freiburg Excursion Destinations and Film Recommendations

Public Transportation

Freiburg offers many beautiful city walks as well as day trips and hiking destinations.

With the Regiokarte (day ticket, 3-day WelcomeKarte for visitors, monthly ticket, trans­fer­able or non-trans­fer­able) you can travel all over the Regioticket area; for students, a “Semesterticket” is available (official information brochure in English and German [PDF]. Railway ex­cur­sions to the Suisse border region, e.g. to beautiful Basel, are also possible with this ticket, with a small surcharge for the rest of the route outside the Regio ticket area; videos: “Beautiful Views Of Basel City Switzerland. [6 min],” Basler Fasnacht: “Guggemuusig Uelischränzer Basel - Clara-Monster-Konzert”.

Bus companies of the Re­gi­o­kar­ten­ver­bunds, e.g. the DB Bahn Süd­ba­den­bus, offer wonderful destinations for excursions. Find out about the many bus routes, including the categories “Aus­flugs­bus­se excursion buses • “Frei­zeit- und Wan­der­bus­se” recreational- and hiking-buses • “Rad­bus­se” bicycle buses • “Stadt­bus­se” city buses • “Gren­zach-Wyh­len - Ba­sel/Neu­wei­ler­stra­ße” • “Hö­ri­bus: Süd­ba­den­bus-Frei­zeit­li­nie am Bo­den­see” • “El­sasß­re­gi­o­bus/Eu­re­gi­o­buss” (excursion to Col­mar, from there to the Vosges). Brei­sach on the Rhine.

Google Image Search Freiburg, Freiburg Straßenbahnen [streetcars], Freiburg im Winter.


Excursion to the Schloßberg, Walk to Kanonenplatz

On the Schloßberg (castle hill) you will find the most beautiful panoramas of Freiburg. There are several ascent paths. This recommended route starts in the city center.

From the Bertholdsbrunnen you first walk past the Münster (cathedral) to Karlsplatz, where tourist buses also park. From there you reach the Stadtgarten via the pedestrian bridge (or via the crossroads), to which comprehensive bird's-eye aerial photographs are available (zoom in!). Several paths lead up the mountain. People with walking difficulties ride the Schloßbergbahn: “GERMANY: Freiburg city & Schlossberg tower [HD]”.

At the top you have the possibility to drink and eat in a restaurant next to the train station. Alternatively, you can climb the highest vantage point, the Schloßberg tower, where you have a panoramic view of Freiburg and the surrounding area. Or you can walk to Kanonenplatz. There you also have a great panoramic view of Freiburg. Bird's eye view of Kanonenplatz.

Afterwards you can either climb the Small Ka­no­nen­platz (panoramic green view) or descend to the Schwabentor. On the way there, below Kanonenplatz, you will find Greifeneggschlössle, a restaurant with a beer garden and a magnificent view. Overview of Kanonenplatz and Schwabentor, Schwabentor air photo.

The Kuratorium Freiburger Schloßberg e.V. provides information about the historical background and has a “Schlossberg adventure map” available for download, with many excursion destinations.

The Dreisam

Frei­burg's house river, the Drei­sam is only a stone's throw away from the inner-city. You­tube video im­pres­sions: “Drei­sam 19 Oc­to­ber 2013 Frei­burg Ger­ma­ny” • “der fluss DREI­SAM in FREI­BURG” • “Frei­burg im Breis­gau 08.March2015 at the drei­sam with grey­reiher bird start” • “Des­cente de la Drei­sam à Frei­burg”

Ponds and Lakes, the Old Cemetary and further Parks in the City Area

Surrounded by greenery, with a restaurant and boat rental, the Freiburger Waldsee invites you to enjoy atmospheric walks and excursions. Pictures of the Waldsee, “Wald­see Frei­burg - 4K”.

The Seepark is located in the west of Freiburg, directly accessible by tram. The former Landesgartenschau grounds offer many walking paths, a beer garden and a boat rental as well as its own observation tower with panoramic views. Excerpt of the Seepark article from (April 07, 2016), about its attractions (translated): “Facilities: Japanese garden, children's playground, eco station, stadium, mini golf course, boules court [Pétanque], sunbathing lawn, observation tower, pontoon jetty, boat rental”.

WP-​article “See­park Bet­zen­hau­sen”, images on the See­park. Vi­de­os: “Rund­flug In­spire 1 Frei­burg im Breis­gau See­park in 4k” (the content relevant to Freiburg starts at 0:28); “See­park Frei­burg im Breis­gau 08 November 2015 +23,6° Grad Cel­si­us”; “Frei­burg. See­park.”

The Old Cemetery is surrounded by a very special atmosphere. After it was closed down in 1872, it was transformed into a recreation park and, with its numerous benches and trees, invites you to take a leisurely stroll. It borders directly on Freiburg's city centre. WP article “Al­ter Fried­hof (Frei­burg im Breis­gau)”, pictures, terrain overview.

​WP-​article “Green spaces in Freiburg”.

With the Cable Car up to the Schauinslandberg
“Schau ins Land”-Berg = “Look into the Country”-Mountain

The Schauinslandbahn opened on 17 July 1930. Using a groundbreaking new technology for cable cars and offering its passengers magnificent panoramas, it soon became a tourist attraction.

The valley station of the Schauinslandberg cable car can be easily reached by tram and bus. At the top station, you can fortify yourself in the restaurant. Many hiking routes and excursion destinations offer impressive landscapes. .

Official website of the Schauinsland cable car: Take a look at the page before your trip. Maintenance work takes place on two dates, in spring and autumn.

The Schauinslandberg also offers guided tours through a mining museum: Official web­site • cross section • WP-​article “Schauinsland Pit“ • “Category:​Mu­se­ums­berg­werk Schau­ins­land” • Schau­ins­land Berg­werk [image search for Schauinsland mine]. • vi­deo „Un­ter­ta­ge im Sil­ber­berg­werk“ (4 min) [Underground in the Silver Mine]

At the foot of the Schauinslandberg lies Horben, a village with wonderful panoramic views. “Impressions”, presents the video film “Winter in Horben”.

With the Höllentalbahn to Seebrug, up to Schluchsee
“Höllentalbahn” = “Hell Valley Railway”

Experience impressive Black Forest panoramas with the Höllentalbahn: From Freiburg central station you ride by rail (past the Ti­ti­see) to See­brug, to the Schluch­see.

Recommendation: During the ascent you should look for a seat in the train on the right side, for the photographs in the mountains.

Films on Youtube:

About the History of Freiburg
“Alt-Freiburg in Bildern” (Old Freiburg in Pictures)

A great, extraordinary picture page about other time phases of Freiburg i.Br.: Very comprehensive, divided into several categories; with numerous pictures, which can also be viewed by districts: “Freiburger Stadtteile”.

“Der Schwarzwald”, from Pascal Ettinger (in German)

A comprehensive Black Forest documentation with many impressive landscape photographs (widescreen format), many historical information and travel recommendations. 42 minutes, playable in high resolution, on Youtube: “Der Schwarz­wald”.

Freiburg­ Film portrait from 1973

A beautiful short film about Freiburg, altogether eight minutes long. On Youtube:


“Freiburg in Breisgau, Deutschland.c1966/67.wmv”, 6 minutes

“Freiburg um 1935”, slide show, 5 minutes

„Aus der Luft - Freiburg 1970” (aerial photos)

Day Trip- and Hiking Destinations

Please note the train and bus lines that you can use to reach your destinations or starting points directly.

Hiking Destinations

Animal Enclosures and Amusement Parks

Tier-​Natur-​Erlebnispark Mundenhof  Mundenhof animal and nature adventure park, located directly on the outskirts of Freiburg, admission free. Excerpt from the description (May 31, 2019): “[...] with 38 hectares, the Mundenhof is the largest zoo in Baden-Württemberg. Domestic and working animal species from all over the world live in the generously proportioned paddocks. In addition, agriculture on about 180 hectares continues to ensure an ecologically sustainable circulatory system. [...]”.

WP article “Mun­den­hof” • Youtube-Film “Der Mun­den­hof in Frei­burg” (32 min­utes).

Schwarz­wäl­der Frei­licht­mu­se­um Vogts­bau­ern­hof (Eng­lish website version), Eng­lish WP-article “Black Forest Open Air Museum”. Translated excerpt of the German Wikipedia article: “[...] The Black Forest Open Air Museum Vogtsbauernhof in Gutach is the oldest open air museum in Baden-Württemberg. It shows the life, living and working of the people in the Black Forest in the last centuries. [...]”-->

Youtube film “Film über das Schwarz­wäl­der Frei­licht­mu­se­um Vogts­bau­ern­hof” (3 minutes).

Stein­wa­sen­park. Excerpt of the related WP-article (March 25, 2015): “[...]

Steinwasen Park is a theme park with a small zoo in the Black Forest, about 20 km southwest of Freiburg im Breisgau. It is located at the mountain pass Notschrei between Kirchzarten and Todtnau. The area belongs to the town of Oberried.

Several animal enclosures and fun rides are spread over an area of 35 hectares. The park is integrated into the natural mountain landscape and takes the Black Forest as a central theme. There is, for example, a film about the historic formation of the mountains, as well as a museum showing model replicas of the characteristic Black Forest houses.

Steinwasen Park is open from mid March to early November and is particularly attractive for young families. [...]”.

Youtube film “Steinwasen Park” (5 minutes).

Europa-Park at Rust. Excerpt of the related WP-article (March 25, 2015):

“[...] Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany and the second most popular theme park resort in Europe, following Disneyland Paris.

Europa-Park is located in Rust, in south-western Germany, between Freiburg and Strasbourg, France.

The park is home to twelve roller coasters, the oldest being the Alpenexpress Mine Train, where a powered coaster speeds through a diamond mine, – and the newest coaster being Arthur, a suspended indoor/outdoor powered rollercoaster and dark ride combination. Europa-Park has very high capacity rollercoasters and attractions [...]”.

Youtube-Film “40 Jahre Europa-Park - Alle Neu­hei­ten 2015” (9 mi­nu­tes).

Various Video Films

“Reise Höl­len­tal­bahn Neu­stadt/ Schw.- Him­mel­reich”

“Feld­berg + feld­see + Ra­ven­na­schlucht - Bra­sileiras in Deutsch­land”: Beautiful Feldberg and Feldsee recordings..

“The Heart of Freiburg Germany” commented slide show, 4 minutes

Films about the Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht in Freiburg i.Br. (Google Image Search for Freiburg Fasnacht): Fasnet Umzug Freiburg 2015” •  “ale­man­ni­sche fasnet - rosenmontagsumzug in freiburg 2011 - impressionen” •  “Ro­sen­mon­tag Freiburg 16 février 2015” •  “TV Südbaden Fasnet Mendig Frei­burg” •  “Freiburger Fasnet, ovvero il carnevale a Friburgo 1999 - Narri! Narro!

Historical Castles and Contemporary Guided City Tours and Castle Tours, in Freiburg and in the Surrounding Countryside

There are several historical castles in Freiburg area. Some also offer contemporary guided tours, humorous and broadening your horizons, also in English on request.

Zähringer Burg

WP-article “Burg Zäh­rin­gen (Gun­del­fin­gen)” • “Burg Zäh­rin­gen - Frei­burg im Breis­gau - Bur­gen im mit­tel­al­ter­li­chen Breis­gau” • “Zäh­rin­ger Burg Frei­burg Breis­gau” • Wald­restau­rant Zäh­rin­ger Burg

Burgfräulein Brigitte von Landeck

Main Site: ““. “Füh­run­gen und Ter­mi­ne“. “Der Vier­bur­gen­weg“.

Historix Tours

A popular classic among Freiburg city tours:

Websites about Freiburg i.Br.

“Freiburg travel guide” at “ provides vacation hints and travel tips for the English-speaking Freiburger, tourist and expatriate, from the perspective of a British expatriate living in the region” (April 09, 2016).

Extremely extensive, highly informative page (in German): Frei­burg-​ge­ Site­map • Über­sichts­kar­te Frei­burg • Link­ver­zeich­nis [on Frei­burg]

Official information of the city of Freiburg:

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